Best Travel Mug: How To Choose One?

After countless hours of testing, we compiled our list to top 5 travel mugs. If you are looking for a more specific option, we recommend you, Ello Cole, as it stays warm for longer durations, the lid is simply perfect and a stainless steel bottom makes it highly durable.

Travel Mugs Reviews

You might think a travel mug is an easy purchase but the market is over crowded with the travel mugs and you will definitely want one that catches your eye at first look. A nicely designed travel mug will keep your drink hot or cold for a few hours but do keep in mind your habits before purchasing. Whether you are a car traveler who is looking for a cup that fits securely in a cup holder or someone who wants a mug that can be conveniently used with one-hand while you scroll down the Instagram on your phone? Will you be storing your mug in the bag so you can take it later to your work place?

We examined through expert tests and read several reviews of owners to find the top five options in this swarming category. Our top picks include an all in one option for travelers, a mug that can effectively keep their coffee hot enough to drink for an entire day and much more. All of these travel mugs will appeal design lovers and tea drinkers. We have also included a buying guide which will inform you about important considerations to make the best choice.

CamelBak Forge

Camelbak Products Forge Vacuum Mug, Black Smoke, 16-Ounce
  • Leak proof, self-sealing cap eliminates spills with intuitive one-handed drink lever
  • Cap is designed to be easy to clean and dishwasher safe

The CamelBak Forge is a perfect cup for morning traveler and even more fine when you are at home boasting features that make it more durable than an average travel mug. At times, you just need to move away and here 16-ounce mug is waiting for your very next journey.

A unique feature of CamelBak Forge is the built-in finger carry look which means your both hands are free as the loop can be hooked to a backpack. The impact resistant stainless steel can even withstand 10-foot drop onto a concrete surface without spilling. In addition to that, the sturdiness comes with an ease of use and lets you simply lock open the spout. The travel mug is designed in a way which makes it simple to clean as you don’t need those tiny brushes into nooks and fissures.

The CamelBak Forge is capable of retaining heat for a couple of hours and comes with a plastic lid as well. Overall, it’s one of the most commendable options for users who are looking for exceptional durability so their one-time purchase can serve them for life time.

Ello Cole

Ello Cole 16oz Vacuum Insulated Travel Coffee Mug with Leak-Proof Slider Lid and Built-in Coaster, Keeps Hot for 5 Hours, Perfect for Coffee or Tea, BPA-Free Tumbler, Grey
  • Perfect for the Commute: 16 oz vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mug designed to keep drinks cold up to 10 hours and hot for 5 hours. Enjoy this stainless steel mug that is car cup friendly and completely leak-proof.
  • Comfy Carry Handle: Convenient handle with Ello Evercork inlay is designed for taking coffee on-the-go.

Ello Cole travel cup comes with a perfect combination of function and value thus becoming a popular choice for buyers who want a travel mug that can flawlessly keep a lid on leaks. With 16 ounces, it is heading towards a category which prioritizes functionality the most.

The uniquely designed travel mug features a colorful lid and cork base pop against a modest white body. The construction of Ello Cole makes it stand out among other top branded travel mugs. The vacuum insulated stainless steel can effectively manage to keep your favorite coffee and tea hot for hours. The cork bottom is amazing as it prevents the mug from slipping from your hand or sliding around on your desk.

Besides, the slider lid makes sure there is no leaks or spills. Another significant feature is that the entire mug is dishwasher safe which makes your job much easier when it comes to maintenance and cleanliness. The Ello Cole travel mug is available in multiple appealing colors. Overall, it’s a sleek and inexpensive design which offers good heat retention and fits well in cup holders.

Contigo Autoseal West Loop

Contigo West Loop Stainless Steel Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug with Spill-Proof Lid, Keeps Drinks Hot up to 5 Hours and Cold up to 12 Hours, 24oz Steel
  • Perfect travel mug - This mug is just the right size to be a travel companion. Plus, the Thermalock, double-walled vacuum insulation locks in temperature, keeping drinks hotter up to 7 hours or colder up to 20 hours
  • Sealed for protection - Powered by patented Autoseal technology, the West Loop travel mug automatically seals between sips; Reducing spills and temperature changes of coffee, tea, or any other beverage

The CONTIGO AUTOSEAL WEST LOOP is one of the most reasonably priced vacuum seal mug currently available on the market. The mug comes with a one-handed flip design which makes it ideal for travelers. It guarantees you complete leak protection no matter if you are shaking or rattling it.

The travel mug is constructed with using the vacuum insulated technology which makes sure to keep the beverages hot for at least 6 hours and cold for 18 hours which is pretty impressive. Featuring a patented auto seal lid, it automatically seals between sips to prevent any spills. Furthermore, Handwashing is recommended, though the design is very simple and easy to clean. Nevertheless, the lid is dishwasher safe.

Talking about usability, it works perfectly for both left and right handed people with equal comfort. The product is supported by Contigo lifetime warranty against any construction flaws in materials and workmanship. If you are looking for both style and practicality, the Contigo auto seal west loop makes for a great option.

Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug

Stanley Classic Vacuum Mug Container, 473 ml, Hammertone Green
  • Push button lid - open, drink and close with one hand
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel. Won't rust and naturally BPA-free

Stanley classic vacuum mug is among the most popular insulated travel mugs. The travel mug has been nicely designed while keeping in mind the 21st-century travelers, mountain hikers, and wild vacationers. Therefore, the classic and retro inspired piece is more about as rugged as you can get.

The travel mug is available in two amazing colors including black and army green. It features stainless steel finish which effectively resists rust and corrosion. The overall finish looks a little like the industrial style. One of the most commendable features of this mug is the one-handed function which offers you a push button lid. This lets users drink their favorite beverages while using only one hand whether they are browsing on their smartphones or driving a vehicle.

Moving on, the vacuum insulated body and thermal lid make sure to keep drinks hot for approximately 6 hours and cold for 24 hours. The lid is dishwasher safe. However, in order to clean the whole mug, you need to disassemble it. The process is simple, easy and quick. Additionally, the Stanley classic vacuum mug guarantees you leak proof nature to avoid any spills. It let you get rid of any worry no matter how rough you are using your favorite travel companion. We recommend Stanley Classic One Hand Vacuum Mug as an amazing choice for multi-taskers.

Ello Ogden BPA-Free Ceramic Travel Mug

The Ello Ogden BPA-Free Ceramic Travel Mug is comparatively cheaper mug among the best travel mugs. The best thing we find in Ello Ogden is that it offers you 100% leak proof guarantee for its exclusive safety locking mechanism. The safety lock prevents any sort of accidental openings which gives you peace of mind while carrying it around.

Coming towards the construction, it is made with dual wall vacuum with a high-class stainless steel interior and 201 stainless steel exterior. This heavy construction makes it highly durable to withstand accidental drops.  The ceramic travel mug is capable of keeping drinks hot for approximately 12 hours. The new insulated silicone boot makes sure to keep beverages hot twice as long as other standard travel mugs.

Besides, it comes with an extremely appropriate size so you can conveniently carry it around. It is narrow enough to perfectly fit in most cup holders. Yet, it might not be able to sit well in some for a little taller side. Having Ello Ogden travel cup, you can feel the warmth and might become a center of attraction while traveling on a train or bus as its one of the best looking mug you will find on the market.

The travel mug is available in four classic colors including the striking black, blue, purple and luxurious champagne gold. Additionally, the splash proof slider lid will let you drink directly from ceramic thus giving you supplementary comfort. Finally, the mug is BPA, phthalates, PVC, lead and cadmium free which makes it a perfect choice for environmentally conscious people.

Travel Mug Buying Guide

Best Travel Mug

Effective Heat Retention

You might not want to keep your drink hot or cold for the entire day, but at least it should stay at a drinkable temperature when you need it. The best travel mugs are capable of keeping coffee or tea steaming hot for hours. These dual walled stainless steel mugs can do a great job of holding appropriate heat.

Leak-Proof Seal

A travel mug should seal tightly so you can have your favorite drink without worrying about any spills. Some of the top travel mugs feature locking lids that will not spill even a drop even when it is turned upside down. You can easily carry these cups in your backpack without concerning about spills that could have ruined your laptop or important documents.

One Hand Usability

It would be quite hectic if every time you are required to unscrew the lids to have a sip particularly when you are driving. Therefore, consider a mug with an opening from where you can take sip while keeping the other hand on the wheel. You will find multiple opening mechanisms for travel mugs. Driving is a crucial activity so keep in mind that you have only two hands available. For your comfort, look for a travel cup that has one handed opening tool, a parallel switch like opening or comes with an air tight straw. Make sure your drink does not fall and safety is guaranteed.

Best Travel Mug

Durable Construction

We often knock our mugs off the counter when in hurry or accidentally drop them somewhere. The best mugs are durable enough to take a few bangs without losing their sealing ability.


You will want to have a travel cup which is easy to clean and maintain. There are a lot of mugs that can be washed in a dishwasher. However, if you want a cup that requires hand washing then keep in mind that it should have wide openings, easy to disassemble lids and does not have a lot of preambles so you can clean them more quickly.


Travel mugs are made of variety of materials. One of the most favorite construction is stainless steel which minimizes the environmental and health impacts. Plastic travel cups are also popular. These are effective and reliable mugs. However, due to excessive use of chemicals and particularly when they come in contact with heat, we prefer stainless steel or stoneware mugs over them. You will also find aluminum travel mugs but they are unable to withstand wear and tear.

Washing Instructions

Washing instructions are an important factor to consider and one should always read the instructions while purchasing a specific travel cup. If your drinking mug sits in the heat and builds up internal condensation especially if it’s a plastic mug then it needs to wash immediately as drinking out of such mugs can be unhealthy. Also, make sure to use the dishwasher for washing a mug if it is mentioned “dishwasher safe”. Travel mugs that are compatible with dishwashers are preferred as cleaning them is an easy job.


In case your travel mug breaks or failed to deliver the performance that it has mentioned, you can simply return to the manufacturer if it comes with a warranty. In how much time period you can return the cup? Are the company is going to refund or they will send a replacement for the product? You can have answer to all these questions once you go through the policies of the manufacturer. When it comes to warranty, make sure your money should not get waste.


While purchasing a travel cup, make sure to pick the most right cup. The foremost thing you can do is to research and see how products are different from each other. You might get attracted to one of the products that look stylish and is reasonably priced, however, it might not be able to provide you a good performance. We hope this buying guide will help you in picking the best travel cup for your memorable expeditions. Do pay attention to the important factors to come up with an informed decision.

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