Sweet Revenge® was the world’s only restaurant with a cupcake, beer & wine bar before it closed in June 2017. We celebrated the good life inspired by good times, good people, and good places from around the world. We got a little famous on a sleepy NYC street in the west village for pairing imported wines and beers with our artisan, internationally-inspired cupcakes, cheesecakes, & pies, vitamixing wine slushies, and serving some outrageously delish real food too. We appreciated the opportunity to be a community for our local and global neighbors, welcoming all with a friendly hello, our year-round twinkly lights, open bay windows when the weather permitted, and international tunes. From our opening in 2008, we raised a glass and a cupcake to the spirit of the individual, the world, and all of its treasured diversity.  We continue to do so in spirit.

Thank you for supporting our small business and my journey as an entrepreneur through the years. Your kindnesses and generosity will forever be appreciated.

Marlo Scott


Thank you for all the love through the years and supporting our small business. Sweet Revenge permanently closed in June 2017. Cheers to the beauty of following one’s dreams. Live life deliciously!




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